We believe that education is empowerment, no matter where you are in the world.

Our educational projects in Germany

Masifunde Bildungsförderung e.V. has been actively involved in development policy education work in Germany since 2009: In several schools and kindergartens Masifunde volunteers and employees teach children and adolescents about the culture and the everyday reality of pupils of the same age in South Africa. In 2017 started the project "Lasst uns global lernen" ("Let´s learn globally") that extends the education work in Germany.

Education excursuses

With education excursuses of 90 minutes we make pupils in Germany think of intercultural topics. Masifunde multiplicators teach about the topics "Rassism in everyday life" and "Rassism explained by the example of the South African apartheid history". Thereby they sensitise young people for a globalised world. The excursus can be requested from teachers and other interested individuals.


Learn for live and let others participate: In three Learn4Life! groups in Germany 12 to 17 years-old adolescents work out the topics migration, rassism and intercultural community life. So they become active and responsible citizens. The groups meet once a week and are prepared and led by our qualified multiplicators.

Multiplicators training

For turn our multiplicators into experts for intercultural education work, Masifunde offers a yearly multiplicators training. We train young motivated people the appropriate contents and methods to lead our Learn4Life! groups and education excurses.


Our influence in Germany in the academic year 2017/18

60adolescents attended Learn4Life!
216children and adolescents attended our education excursus about racism and apartheid
20multiplicators completed our training and conducted our education programmes


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Annika Kruse
Educational work Germany
Besides our work in Germany we focus on our projects in Walmer Township