Masifunde = "Let's learn" in isiXhosa (one of the eleven national languages of South Africa)

Our Approach

Masifunde Bildungsförderung e.V. stands up for equal education chances for all children and adolescents in Germany and South Africa. Our holistic (extra-)curricular education programmes support deprived young people in South Africa. Our education programmes in Germany encourages youths to think outside the box and to reflect about their lifes in a multi cultural society.

Our education programmes

South Africa

We focus on the creation of holistic and qualitative educational opportunities in Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and other disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Academic programmes


The academy of creativity

Social work


We fulfil our educational mission in Germany and are committed to creating a realistic image of Africa.


Education excursuses

Multiplicators training

Weiterbildungsreihe für Erwachsene

Our projects are designed to use resources sparingly to achieve the most sustainable dissemination of educational content possible.

Our Impact in South Africa in 2017

29 Kinder waren im Montessori Kindergarten
192children attended Learn4Life!
173children attended the Academy of Creativity
46children reached through Learn4Life! projects (estimated)
276 Jugendliche erhielten Unterstützung in Out-of-school Projekten

Our Promise

Your trust matters to us! As sponsor of Masifunde you are perfectly entitled to know what happens with your money and whom it really helps. As we want to garantee as much as transparency and control as possible, we have committed ourselves to full disclosure.

What is the 100-Percent-Guarantee? Your complete donation amount is used for our education work in South Africa. The small costs we have for administration, publication and events are fully covered by membership fees and direct financing.

What happens with my donation in South Africa? Your donation is not just redirected. It goes to our partner organisation Masifunde Learner Development in South Africa, that arised out of our association activities in Walmer Township. So we are perfectly aware of what happens with your financial contribution. Masifunde Learner Development is registrated as non-profit organisation in South Africa. As in Germany we use our resources very economically and carefully. Our account books are yearly checked in Germany and South Africa.

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